Thursday, 1 April 2010

A busy few days

I have been reading all my favourite blogs and everyone seems to have such witty titles, I think this will come in time as I do more blogging.

I feel a little lonely right now as this is only by second post and not too sure how I get people to read my blog and leave comments. But I have had a lovely comment from Jacqueline- she has the most lovely blog - I was attracted to it at first because of her love of Biba! I will tell you all about my love of Biba in another blog. My other favourite blog is I think Jane was my inspiration to start blogging and she also lives in this lovely county of Devon

Well I have spent the last two days very busy I needed to get back to my sewing - I love french vintage fabrics and I had just received some fabric from france. A beautiful vintage Toile de Jouy in black and white so I was anxious to get sewing, I also had a small piece of cabbages and roses fabric which I wanted to incorporate into a design. I want to share with you where I do all this creativity - hope you like the photos, can you see the lovely Cabbages and Roses files these were a lovely present from my son Alexander (he knows what his mum likes!)

The finished result!!

Well today was getting ready for the Easter weekend and I couldn't resist putting out my Easter decorations

and then I just couldn't resist adding some more!

Please leave me some comments I look forward to receiving them - I wish everyone a very Happy Easter Weekend


  1. haha, jill, i really know what you mean. that's why i NEVER use titles for my blog postings. i'm afraid i'm tooooo uninspired for this :)

    i really love the fabrics you used. the round pillow is my favourite, but i'm too impatient to try out this pattern.

    i wish you all the best with your new blog. hang in there and you'll get more and more lovley comments. i'm sure :)

    sandra / the art of confusion

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thank you for your visit and your comment on my post (En Camargue, la Tour Carbonnière).
    Of course, you can add my blog in your blogroll, I'm so flattered !

  3. Beautiful cushions and the chair looks interesting!


Thank you for your lovely words