Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My Very First Time

Well this is the very first time I have written a blog. I have spent many an evening looking through such beautiful and inspiring blogs and wonder if I can at least emulate even a small bit of this to anyone who happens to find my blog.
I suppose the first thing I need to do is to introduce myselt - my name is Jill and I live in a very remote village in North Devon which borders onto Cornwall and themost spectacular North Cornwall beaches. My passion is my home my 3 sons and of course my lovely husband.
My home is a lovely Georgian cottage right in the centre of the village. I love sewing and making lovely things for my cottage as well as restoring old bits of furniture which I collect from auctions or junk shops.l My style well that is sometimes my problem I love the French/Swedish style of home and also the lovely vintage flowery English country cottage look, and somehow I try to imalgamate the two.
I work from home making soft furnishings and at the moment I sell cushions (through ebay) although this year my project is to start a website to sell a few more decorative items for home and garden.
I am going to post some photos of my home just to give everyone an idea of my style.

My other passion is France - my favourite place ever is called Uzes in Gard region.
We have had a house in France in Normandy but it just wasn't really the right place. We thought Normany would be better as it is so much more accessible - but France is a big place and each area has a different feel about it - and Normany as lovely as it is - just did not do it for me.
 It just wasn't the South of France! So we settle back in England but I still have the dream. But after years of Northern France we are going back to Uzes in June and I just can't wait. While we are there we are visiting the Cote Sud Fair in Aix which is France's equivalent to Country Living Fair.
Perhaps I have written enough for my first blog, after all I am a novice.
Just before I go I have a confession and I am sure that I am not alone - I am a magazine fanatic. and yesterday 2 of my favourite magazines dropped through the letter box. Homes and Gardens and Country Homes and Interiors only another 4 more to come this month!!


  1. Hi Jill and welcome to the world of blogging.
    I think that you have made an excellent start with your header. It's beautiful. Don't worry about being 'new'. Just do your posts and comment on other blogs and people will gradually come over and see you. It feels a little lonely at first but the followers soon mount up, as do the comments.
    It does start to take over your life a little though !! ... but, you will really enjoy it and will make some lovely new friends from all over the world.
    Your home looks beautiful and, you live in such a lovely part of the world.
    Once again, welcome to the crazy world of blogging. XXXX

  2. Hi jill, semething about me: I, just like you, love gardening and furniture. I worked ten years in Ikea at Rome; now I work in another furniture shop nearest my home. I lived in a village too, but they aren't beautiful like yours.
    See you soon


Thank you for your lovely words