Thursday, 8 April 2010

Warm sun and picnics

Well at long last the sun has arrived in the west country, well at least in my part of the west country. It had been such a cold Easter with rain I was beginning to think that spring would never arrive. No more staying in today I decided to go to one of my favourite places it is a lovely place called The Cowslip Workshop

The sign might give it away but this lovely shop is on a Farm and not only does it have an amazing shop for anyone that is at all creative, but it also has a lovely cafe, where everything is cooked on an Aga, and served on lovely china 

The shop is full of everything that you could possible want for sewing and crafting, the lady that runs it Jo Cowill is the lady that taught Kirsty in her Homemade programme to make a quilt!

You can also buy some lovely china! I did not succumb this time I don't think my dresser can take anymore!

You can also buy a sewing machine!

Well after my lovely morning the sun was still shining so it was just obvious that a picnic needed to be packed and off for a lovely walk to the sea.

Lots of daffodils, violets and my first viewing of the bluebell

and then we passed beautiful devon cottages beside a lovely stream

We passed another lovely cottage that had a beautiful porch made of lovely old wood.
and then eventually we had our picnic on the beach
under the lovely sun!!
I would like to give a big thank you for your comments, I still feel a little lonely so if you do come across my blog then please leave your comments!


  1. Hi jill!!! thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm honoured to be in your blog roll, I will follow you back. I have a passion for England and i want to know everything about it... I haven't travelled throught Devon but I surely will next time I come back. In which village do you live?

    Hope to hear you soon.
    Many hugs from Italy,

  2. I have just come across your blog.Lucky you living in Devon.We had a holiday there last summer near Tiverton.We live in N Wales.

  3. Hi Jill, welcome to the blogging world. I found you through Posy. You certainly do live in a wonderful part of the world. Those cottages are just so beautiful. It's good to find another blogging mum with 3 boys too!! I'm in Sydney, Australia and love blogs with lots of photo's, especially the English countryside and cottages. Devon is such a lovely area, I visited many years ago and oh that clotted cream!!


  4. Well, I have looked back through your posts having now found you, and have decided I have to follow you! Your blogs are lovely, so very English and lovely photographs too. Did you have a picnic by yourself? I love picnics, we are all weather picnickers taking hot tomato soup in a flask and buying fresh rolls and bags of chips from a favourite little fishing village along the North Norfolk coast from where we live... and in summer, down beside rivers away from the crowds, watching dragonflies and waiting to see a kingfisher... it's been a long wait!

  5. Hi Maggie
    Well I had my picnic with my lovely husband who of course carried the basket!!!

  6. In reply to Maggie. Thank you for your comments I know Norfolk well we lived there when we were first married in a village called Horsford and my first son was born there!


Thank you for your lovely words