Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gorgeous fairs for the weekend!

Well I am not going to apologise but I am going to advertise two beautiful vintage fairs at the weekend. One in Hartley Witney in Hampshire
 (returning to my routes and in fact to a place where I had my first date with Richard my OH) and another one in the delightful town of Dunster in Somerset.
The first one is Vintage Bazaar in Hartley Witney on 22 September starting at 10.00 pm.
There are the most beautiful stalls and one of my favourite  is Theo & Bernice where I love absolutely everything they sell.
Ali from Betty and Violet her items are so beautiful romantic well words can not describe how lovely her stall is.

Chloe has the most beautiful stall it is just a perfect delight and all you want to do is buy buy buy

Sam with her lovely candles made in vintage cups, jelly moulds etc. the smell of her candles will fill the hall.

Jacquie who has the most amazing stall, full of vintage goodies and has a stall at the renown Country Living Fair

Hesta with her beautiful fabrics and manniquins I just love her stall and have bought some lovely pieces of fabric from her.

I know that this is only a few of the stalls and everyone is a delight, so it really is a must for this Saturday, but you know what i have left the last of my favourite stalls to last and that is Lizzie and Jack's stall so many lovely things mostly from France that you definitely wont want to miss it!

I of course have a stall, so please if you are in the area come and say hello. I have lots of lovely new things for sale.

Am I mad but Sunday will also see me at Dunster which is a lovely town in Somerset, once again this will be worth a visit so hope to see you there.

Hope if you can you will visit these great fairs I can assure you it will be worth it!


  1. I have a stall at HW too, so looking forward to seeing you Saturday- it's going to be a Great Day!

  2. I wish I lived nearer and could visit some of these lovely fairs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Thanks for that Jill, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at HW. Two fairs in one weekend - you are mad!

  4. Ooh what a feat for the eyes!...I can feel my purse shrinking already!..Have a wonderful weekend..x

  5. What a pity I don't live at your beautiful country because noticing this all I'm missing out a lot!
    Hope to visit England very soon and then also bringing a visit to one of these lovely fairs!

  6. Hi Jill,

    I so wish I could come over to say hello, but it's too far away from me. I wish you lots of fun!!!

    Madelief x

  7. WOW - it all looks SO gorgeous - I certainly would just want to buy, buy, buy! Not for the first (or last!) time do I lament at being so far away! One day I'll make it to one of your fabulous fairs...sigh!
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  8. Hi Jill,

    I was lovely to meet you on Saturday and to see your beautiful stand. We will be enjoying an amaretto from the sweet little glasses we bought from you soon!


  9. Hi Jill
    It was lovely to see you and catch up on Saturday at HW. Your stall looked absolutely gorgeous. It was such a great day wasn't it?

    Jo xx

  10. I love seeing the pictures of vintage fairs and seeing what you make to sell there. Dunster is a lovely town that I've visited a few times, so a vintage fair there on top would be a fabulous day out.
    Teresa x

  11. Lovely to catch up with you Jill. The vintage fairs look like very happy hunting grounds indeed! Such a shame that I'm too far east to visit ... maybe one day.

    Your visit to Sussex is definitely my kind of weekend, you always find such fantastic places to stay! I would love details of that beautiful barn please:-)

    Hope the fairs went well for you.


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