Sunday, 29 July 2012

It's been a while!!

I am sorry that I have been a little lapse in writing my blog, but what with summer returning(if only for a few days) lots of fairs, buying excursions time seems to have gone very quickly.
But first of all I have to say that one of my highlights was meeting Lou from Poppy's blog, Lou was everything that I imagined pretty and bubbly, just like her blog and we talked for quite a time, it is great to meet a fellow blogger and you feel that you have known them for such a while, I so hope that we will meet again very soon. I met Lou at a small vintage fair that I did in Taunton and although I don't have many photos of myself this is one of me at the fair.

It seems weeks ago now but I planted a small wild flower area in my garden, and with all the bad weather we have been having I thought they would never flower, but with the help of the sun in the last few days they have started to come out, they look so pretty and I wish I had planted more.

Also been busy making cakes, (and I haven't even had a slice!!!) but it does seem to be disappearing fast with the help of the OH and my sons!!

A couple of weeks ago we visited Shepton Mallet's flea market, and I have to say I struggled to find things to buy even though it was massive! but loved these pretty french sundae dishes, and the small white china ladle so sweet I am tempted to keep this one.

Then the sun appeared and we had glorious mornings and hot days so a visit to the beach and I even went in the sea and swam it was delightful and not cold at all, I love this beach, but the pebbles really hurt your bare feet when swimming (message to myself if I go swimming again to take some old beach shoes to swim in!!) At long last the evenings have been warm and we have returned to our evening walks, it has been lovely to see the sun go down so beautifully and you just know that the next day is going to be hot and sunny, (if only it had lasted!)

just see the roof to our house!!

Spent one Sunday morning at a boot sale and found this lovely deckchair, it is now ready for me to take to my next Fair!! Hope it doesn't sell then I can keep it!!

To top of the week we had the Olympic opening ceremony and it was spectacular and just encapulated all that is British, from the Archers to James Bond and the Queen, I would love to see it again!

Finally another Fair at the weekend at Instow a pretty seaside village in Devon,

 and a picnic at Duckpool in Cornwall where this vintage Ice-cream van doesn't fail to make you queue up for an ice-cream.

Well now off to visit your lovely blogs and promise I won't leave it too long before my next blog, and if any of you are visiting cornwall this weekend then I have a stall at this lovely fair in Portscatho, Cornwall on Sunday 5th August.


  1. Hello Jill

    I can imagine how exciting it was to meet Lou from Poppy. I will check out her blog

    I have met one blogger, Mise from Pretty Far West and it was so meaningful.

    I am happy to see the sun shining and your day at the beach and swimming will be memorable.


  2. Oooohhhh I'm so glad that you had a great time!!!!! You are sooo lucky to meet Lou, I'm sure she is a pretty and sweet girl!!!!!
    Have a nice summer time.

  3. Lovely post Jill, I need to catch up on my blog too. How was Instow, hope you had a good day. xxx

  4. You certainly have been busy Jill!
    I really do love that deckchair, lets hope we have more days of sunshine to enjoy. Showers are returning up here this week too....oh dear!
    It will be lovely to meet you at the Vintage Fair in Toddington on the 25th - I've written it in my diary.
    Hope you had a great week,
    Essie x

  5. I love the deckchair and I am sure that will be snapped up.
    Hope you have a busy fair,
    Love Helen xx

  6. Lovely to see you Jill! I recently posted a photo of myself at Emma (Silverpebble's) Open Studio and was humbled by the response I got! Like most bloggers, I've always gone 'incognito' on my blog and yes, it's inspiring to meet fellow bloggers.

    Duckpool looks like a wonderful place for a picnic. Oh my, I wish I could just pop over to gorgeous Cornwall .. sigh...


  7. Hello Jill - my goodness, you have been busy - despite the changeable weather! I love how you've recovered the deckchair - it looks marvellous - as do you in the first picture!
    Lovely to catch up and hear all your news. Your house looks beautiful there, nestled in amongst the fields.
    Best wishes,
    Paula x

  8. Hi Jill, lovely to read your post, always full of interesting things. I so much want to take a trip to Shepton Mallet to visit their antique shops. I love your deckchair and wanting one myself! Hope you have a good day at the fair this weekend. Sharon x

  9. So many gorgeous things love your deckchair so pretty Do you know your cake has made me hungry heading to the kitchen to bake something yummy as it is a long weekend here in Ireland

    Take care


  10. I so enjoyed your post, as always. The deck chair fabric is lovely . . . what a charming difference. Have a lovely week, Connie :)

  11. Hi Jill,

    You sound really busy, but happy. All those fairs.... :-) It must be fun having a stall of your own and sell the things you love. Meeting other bloggers is a great advantage too. I am contemplating renting a stall at a lifestyle market in Rotterdam in September. The deckchair you found looks great and I like your Sundae dishes too.

    You look great on the photo! So very happy. Hope you had a lovely time at the homespun fair.

    Madelief x


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