Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer might just be on its way.

What a beautiful day today I just could resist taking some photos to share with you, a  place to stop and read I love looking through my old magazines especially the Country Living and then a walk up the lane, the fresh leaves on the tree against the blue sky magic!
Wild flowers in abundance,

I planted mine yesterday so lets hope they succeed I never seem to have much luck with growing wild flowers, this time I have bought Sarah Raven seeds so lets hope they will work. Beautiful views across to Exmoor

On Saturday another Vintage Fair in the seaside town of Instow in Devon, took along some new finds, these old vintage soda syphons,
 cosy eiderdowns with my drawers now painted 

 Cushions made from old french fabrics
Samantha had a lovely stall with her beautiful candles in vintage cups and jelly moulds, her stall is an abundance of beautiful perfumes.
 Emma with her creative painted furniture. Loved the chest of drawers with roses on.

Off again on Wednesday to stay with friends and visit the Brocante Fair near Winchester in Hampshire,
looking forward to this as there are some amazing stall holders there, including Love Lane Vintage,
Christine from A Mermaids Tale, as well as Liz from the Washerwoman blog.  The weather is meant to be brilliant so really looking forward to this. Hope you all have a great week in the sunshine.


  1. Lovely blog and lovely photos, thanks for sharing..
    Kind regards from Amsterdam

  2. Beautiful images of the countryside around you Jill and, lovely things at the Vintage Fair.
    We are off to Chelsea Flower Show on wednesday..l am so looking forward to it as I've never been before.
    Have a lovely week Jill. XXXX

  3. I bet you have some lovely sales. We have had several inthe last couple weeks. Love going to see what people are doing.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog post and seeing your beautiful photos. What a lovely fair to go to and all those gorgeous items for sale.

  5. beautiful, your style is close to me. Thank you.

  6. Gorgeous images, England really comes into it's own when the sun shines. I am so envious of the lovely fairs you show. We have little or none in the wilds of the North, mind you it is probably better for my bank balance that we don't.

  7. nice blog post Jill, thank you for your kind words about my candles - bless you! Have a nice weekend and if you see anything that I could transform grab it for me! Enjoy the sunshine x

  8. Oh Jill - your posts are always such a visual feast! I come away like a six year old child shouting "I WANT THAT!" every time. You have so many lovely fairs in your neck of the woods - I am supremely envious! It could be that I'm simply not hunting them down properly, but I don't seem to see many shabby chic style vintage fairs here in Norfolk. I know of many antique emporiums and shops, and the occasional street market, but I really love the homemade crafts and vintage feel that you often show on your blog. Anyone familiar with Norfolk and know of any similar shows here - do please tell!

    Wonderful, wonderful post as always and great pictures. After a cold start to the week yesterday - we too have sun and warm temperatures today - Hurrah!
    Paula x

  9. Hi Jill,
    Yes finally the sun has arrived here too, isn't it great?
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Hampshire,
    Essie x

  10. Summer is most definitely on its way - it's been glorious here today, hard to believe when last night we almost froze coming home from a concert at the Cathedral!

    Your finds look great Jill, especially the painted drawers and I love those cushions - where do you source your lovely French fabric?

    Have a great time in Winchester - now there's another place in need of a visit!


  11. Summer is most definitely on the way - hard to believe when last night we almost froze coming home from a concert at the Cathedral!

    Lovely finds Jill especially the drawers and I love your cushions.

    Have a wonderful time in Winchester - now there's a place in need of a return visit!


    PS My other comment disappeared so you may end up with two!

  12. oh comments are disappearing before my eyes, twice now...
    ok, I try again....
    Hi Jill,
    You really have got the fair bug, how great is that? Glad you do, so now I can read along what there is in the UK and seeing your lovely display. Love the colour of the dresser and you lost 4 stones, wow, I wish I could loose some weight...I'm working on it but it goes slooooowly....
    Busy times here, so I'm just passing through, will be back blogging beginning of June. Enjoy the summer days,
    Maureen x

  13. This is a test comment, been having problems commenting so trying something new!

  14. Your blog and photos are a lovely breath of fresh air! Thanks.

  15. Your blog and photos are lovely feast for the eyes and feel like a breath of fresh air! Thanks.


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