Sunday, 6 November 2011

My favourite time of Year

I don't know about you, but it is only in the last week that I think the colours of Autumn have truly come to their best.  We have had some lovely fine days here in Devon which I have taken full advantage of and been outside as much as possible.  Today we went for a walk hope you like the photos the colours were fabulous.

  Lunch or maybe not!!

Last weekend I visited the Vintage Fair in Frome unfortuantely I didn't take any photos but there were so many beautiful things and every stall was a treat for your eyes.  Definitely worth a visit you can see where the fairs are held if you visit Lizzies lovely blog The Washerwoman where she lists all the fairs.   We also visited one of my favourite seaside towns in Dorset Lyme Regis - it was packed so many people enjoying the sunshine, you would think it was summer. 

I love Lyme especially the pretty houses along the front.  This weekend saw us at another Antiques Fair where I picked up these pretty cups,

fell in love with them so had to have them of course!!
I know I haven't taken many photos of my home recently so here is just a few (actually its our front door porch)

The Angel I acquired recently she has a lovely smile. I still haven't finished my Advent Calender it really is a labour of love perhaps next time  I will have some photos for you.
Have a lovely week everyone - I am off to London on Wednesday to visit the Country Living Christmas Fair meeting my sister, so no doubt money will be spent!!! Country Girl up in the smoke!!!
have fun


  1. Dear Lynn,

    Your teacups look lovely! I would have taken them with me too. Tea must taste extra special when served in these beautiful cups.

    I enjoyed your photo's from Lyme and the Devon countryside. It makes me look forward even more to our holiday in the UK next year!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  2. Gorgeous autumnal photos. And those tea cups are gorgeous ... I'd have fought you for them if we'd both been at that Antiques Fair!

  3. How funny, I was also admiring the sudden 'autumn blush' in the landscape as we drove to Frome for The Vintage Bazaar. It was so lovely to see you again, and sadly I forgot both my camera and both Mr EM and myself left our phones on charge at home - so no pics at all. I do admire the beauty of those teacups and your photos of Lyme Regis, where I really mean to visit one day.

  4. Dreamy photos, and I agree this last week has seen a sudden last blaze of colour. Have fun in London.

  5. Hi Jill, lovely to find your blog and a fellow Devon resident! Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog.

    Have a happy new week.


  6. Hi Jill,

    Great post, I love the photos of your porch. I will be at the Country Living Fair on Wednesday too with my Mum. I'll keep an eye out for you!


  7. Here in The North, we are long past this stage of autumn Jill. I would say that winter has arrived. So, it has been extra enjoyable to see your beautiful images.

    I love the cups: I would not have been able to resist them either.


  8. Me too, I love autumn! Great autumnal pictures!!!
    Nice week to you.

  9. Autumn is my favourite season too, and it's only last weekend that the colours have really come into their own. I've not been to Lyme Regis outside of the summer months - it looks like it's a great place to visit any time of year.
    Teresa x

  10. Hello Jill,

    beautiful pictures as aways!
    Have fun at the fair, I'm not going this year! :0(

    Lou xxx

  11. The photos of Lyme Regis bring back great memories of our UK trip in 2011. Our Devon friends took us on a day trip all around the villages & towns including lyme Regis. I remember sitting in a tea shop upstairs overlooking the shops and thinking'I must come back here'

  12. I love autumn too! I love the way you know what you're getting weather-wise. It never disappoints - and the smells of bonfires. Aaah! Lovely!

    Have a WONDERFUL time at the CL fair!!


  13. Ilove your photos as Autumn is my favourite time of the year.

    Leeann x

  14. Great to catch up with your blog. So pleased that you enjoyed The Vintage Bazaar! Lizzie x


Thank you for your lovely words