Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not quite Midsummer!!

We spent the weekend with my sister and she took us to this delightful village,
I just wanted to share with you these quaint thatched cottages, of course there was a great pub in the village and it would have been rude not to visit and sample their drink and food!!

This lovely lane almost looks spring like with the greenery around hard to believe that we are way into Autumn!

I think this one is a holiday cottage!!which is owned by the Pub The Langton Arms

On our way home we visited this very old mill called Whitemill owned by the National Trust and although they were just closing when we arrived I thought it was worth a photo opportunity. I believe there has been a mill on this site for nearly 800 years obviously not this one which I think was built in the 18th century.

Anyone who comes from Dorset might just recognise where it is, the village is Tarrant Monkton, near Blandford Forum in Dorset.
We arrived home to a very damp Devon, but the morning greeted me with this wonderful view of the sun coming up with the mist in the town down below, it was stunning but I am glad we have no neighbours as it would have been a sight to see me taking photos in my nightie!!!

I am busy at the moment making advent calenders, and I am sure that the time I have spent on them you can never redeem in money, it is a shame that the things made by hand never realise their true worth when sold on the marketplace, but heyho such is life, and I am really enjoying making them, when I have finished I will post some photos.
I promise I will get round to visiting all your lovely blogs very soon, hopefully tomorrow when I have a quite moment or two!!


  1. What beautiful photographs quintessentially English. A wonderful image of Autumn in the UK.
    I really look forward to seeing your Advent Calenders. XXXX

  2. Simply beautiful photographs, I would love to live in one of those thatched cottages...

  3. What a cute vilage. I love the roofs. The last pictures are beautiful.
    Nighty or not, hah.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful guided tour of Devon. It is on my list of places and the pictures never disappoint.

    My best

  5. Hello! What a wonderful place and cottages, I want to live there!
    About the handmade work, I completly understand, I make craft too and always is difficult to put the price.



  6. Oh dear England - so beautiful any time of the year to me!

    I can't remember if I've been through Dorset but I've seen similar lovely old thatched houses in other parts of the country.
    Such wonderful photos thank you Jill!

    Shane (from New Zealand - one of the Colonies!!)

  7. I long to live in a cottage like one of those. Your view is just beautiful.x

  8. The thatched cottage is quintessentially English and, looking at the garden, I can hardly believe that it is autumn. We are already getting night frosts here and today is a real misty, moisty morning - not at all like your beautiful morning in Devon.


  9. Hi Jill, great morning shots and I love all the thatched cottages. We were in Farringdon, Hampshire the other day and there were some lovely ones there.

    Jackie in Surrey.

  10. That village is almost impossibly pretty! Like a movie set. But then, where you live is utterly gorgeous too. Such a beautiful outlook you have. Just lovely.

    About the value of handmade. Yes. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to having pretty things at a low cost, thanks to the likes of China, and mass-production.

    There is now a perceived value for almost any item, regardless of whether it is painstakingly and lovingly handmade or mechanically pushed off a conveyor belt in a distant land. And most people will not pay above that value no matter how it was produced and how unique it is.

    As a maker of hand-produced items, I think that sucks.

  11. Hi Jill,

    Such a pretty village! Those cottages look lovely and the view of the hills with the mist is breathtakingly beautiful!

    Will you show us your calendars on your blog?

    Happy evening,


  12. White Mill is just round the corner from us- you could've dropped in!

  13. I love the look of pretty thatched cottages but I always wonder how practical they are to live in. I love your misty autumn photos - very atmospheric.
    Teresa x

  14. Hello! I am new to blogging, but often dip in and out of all the numerous blogs, including yours, Jill. I love the photos of the Devon mist and the thatched cottages; they look very well maintained. May I answer the query about living in a thatched cottage which 'Time for Stitching' included in her comment? Thatched roofed properties have a few issues to be considered, such as fire safety and higher rates of home insurance. A friend whose grandmother lived in one also had a problem with bats, numerous spiders and birds pinching the reeds for their nests!

  15. That is exactly what I adore about the UK. Cottages, villages and the stunning countryside...and everyhting else of course!

    You live in a very beautiful part of the world that is for sure. x

  16. I will get to live someone like that one day! Beautiful pictures..

    Lou xxx

  17. Hi Jill!
    lovely photo's, always nice to see such beauties, (I watch kirstie and phil, but seeing still pictures of english country side is so pretty!)
    looking forward to your advents making, hope you will sell them all!
    Maureen x

  18. Hi Jill, these pictures are Amazing. I love love love the scenery. And of course I am very curious what your advent calenders look like...!

    Love from Canada,


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