Thursday, 13 October 2011

More finds and everyday things!

Our neighbour who has a polytunnel (I don't really like them!)  is able to grow lots of food throughout the year where as mine seem to be failing due to so many caterpillars, who would have thought that growing vegetables could be so frustrating.  She grows amazing watercress and as she and her husband can't eat all that they grow I am able to pick whatever we need - brilliant neighbour! Watercress reminds me of markets in France where it is so readily available and I love making soup with it - I don't particularly follow a recipe, just fry onions with some  potatoes in oil add some vegetable or chicken stock and then the watercress for the last 5 minutes of cooking. Whizz it up with some creme fraiche and a little gorgonzala cheese and seasoning and voila!!!

Sunday we went to Shepton Flea market and for once it didn't rain! I forgot my camera but took these photos of the lovely Lizzie's stall a fellow blogger with my phone! Doesn't the stall look lovely she has amazing things and a wonderful collection of vintage fabrics.

I also found this eiderdown usually they are really expensive but this wasn't too bad and it was perfect with no flaws at all, these  lovely french tea towels were only £3 each - a bargain!

I found this  hat in a delightful new Vintage Shop in South Molton it is so sweet I think it is 1940s/1950s and just fits on the back of my head, I love hats and I can see myself wearing this one all the time this winter.

Today I have been trying to get some order into this house and doesn't it feel great when the house looks lovely - but I just can't see it lasting. 
Keep smiling, sewing, cooking, crocheting, gardening, knitting and all those lovely things -  I so love visiting all your blogs and seeing so much talent it is just great!


  1. How I yearn for watercress soup. For some reason, it is one of those leaves they just don't grow here. The next best thing is looking at yours. It looks so good Jill and so pretty, served on that beautiful plate and the monogrammed tea towel.


  2. I love watercress soup - yours looks nice and thick - just how I like it!

    I'm after some vintage French linen tea towels to make a blind for my kitchen door. Any ideas where I can get them from Jill - or are yours for sale *wink* ...


  3. Yummy watercress soup photo and recipe. Might try that as watercress is grown locally and often for sale on the farmer's market.

    Very envious of your purchases - especially those French teatowels. I can no longer buy them in Normandy at that price! And that little hat is adorable. We usually 'do' the Shepton Flea but it clashed with G's London fair this time.

    (Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog, btw. I've been a bit distracted lately because of health worries around my elderly mother, so not getting round to commenting as much as I used to.)

  4. You have bought some lovely things! And the soup looks very tempting from here.

    Pomona x

  5. Hi Jill,

    What a sweet neighbour you have. Watercress has such a delicious taste. I enjoy it in salads too.

    Love your fleamarket finds. The hat is my favourite :-)! I wish hats would come into fashion again. It feels so special wearing them.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  6. The soup looks so tasty! love your buys :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. J'aime me promener dans ton univers si charmant ...
    Très belle journée Jill

  8. Hi thanks for the comment im now following you to. that flea market looks fun xxxx

  9. so many lovely thingspresented in this post!! YOu have great neighbours!!! and the watercress soup look healthy and yummy!!!ONly 3 pounds for the towels? This is a real bargain, here in Germany they are getting pricey even at flea markets!!!! Have a relaxing weekend dear Linda!!!a big kiss

  10. The soup looks delicious, wonderful colour. Very envious of French Tea towels, the north has yet to dive into the joys of Brocante, one day!

  11. Hello :D That soup does look rather scrumptious, and those tea towels are wonderful ... I have a severe case of the wanties now!

  12. Your soup looks very lovely, fresh and healthy. I've never had watercress soup and would be afraid it would taste a little bitter but I'm sure you could tell me I'm wrong!
    I love your vintage finds - and your friend's stall looks interesting.
    Teresa x

  13. Hi Jill,
    I love watercress soup!
    Those tea towels really were a bargain. Love them!
    I would love to get myself an eiderdown.

    Lou xxx

  14. I'm green with envy at you finding the eiderdown and those torchons. I, too, make watercress soup but follow Delia's recipe which is more or less the same. It's delicious and I always feel very virtuous eating something that is so good for you.
    Ruth x

  15. Thank you for the comments & fab pix on your blog. See you Saturday? Lizzie x
    PS Love the hat!!


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