Monday, 4 April 2011

Time for Family

This is going to have to be a short post - only 2 weeks to go before we move so really busy at the moment.
But on Saturday I thought I would have a bit of a diversion and make cupcakes to take to my sons on Sunday, if I say so myself don't they look too pretty to eat.

I was thoroughly spoilt by all of my 3 sons, they cooked a wonderful lunch and I had a few little treats along the way.
 I have been looking at this book for a while now and it has lots of lovely things to make

Love this bag!
A great smelly candle in this lovely pot,
 flowers books and a cd which I think everyone must have!!

But I had better get back to this......
Spent today sorting out my clothes, 2 large bags off to the charity shop nothing like a move to make you sort out you things.
I will try and catch up with you all very soon I promise and thank you for all your lovely comments I do love reading them. 


  1. Those cakes really do look pretty...but I'm sorry Jill, I would still have to eat them. Good luck with the packing!
    That book is on my list, do you think I should get it???? I will blame you. ;)

    Lou xxx

  2. I'm with Poppy - pretty little cakes that BEG to be gobbled up. :)

    You were spoilt by your family - which is lovely. Sons are cool, aren't they!

    Looking at that crochet bag makes me drool just a little bit - it's wonderful. If only I could learn to crochet like that. *sigh*

    Anyway....happy packing Jill. Moving is tiring but exciting, isnt it!

  3. Sounds like you were thoroughly spoilt! The cupcakes sure do look too good to eat but I bet they were fabulous!

    Eyeing of your beautiful blue china in the first pic. It's gorgeous.

    Happy packing. Glad it is you and not me :) Pam x

  4. Your cupcakes look yummy!!
    I love the crocheted bag its super, I think I could put that together without a pattern...super pretty!!
    Have a great week, don't work to hard packing...remember to pace yourself!!
    Chris :o)

  5. Looks like you were thoroughly and deservedly spoiled by your three sons! I am looking forward to tales of your new house and home and hope to meet up again sometime. Cx

  6. Oh les petits gâteaux ! Je n'en ferais qu'une bouchée !!!
    Donner pour aider, une fraternité nécessaire.
    Bisous de douce journée

  7. Cupcakes look so tasty! your presents are lovely. Hope your move goes ok, will be thinking of you.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Dear Jill, such nice cupcakes!! Good luck with the packing soon it will be over! And you got nice presents!!!!! KIsses

  9. Those cup cakes look so yummy. I especially love the way you've done the icing/frosting. Sounds like you had a lovely day with your family and were given lovely gifts.
    Good luck with all your packing up.
    Anne xx

  10. Mmmmm Im a cupcake kinda girl...Love being spoilt, they've done well. My partner received the same cd from his sister (who lives in the UK) last week for his birthday, so I have been enjoying her gorgeous voice. Great music for packing motivation, hope it all goes smoothly.
    Rebecca x

  11. Don't let those cupcakes go to waste! I definitely have to learn to decorate them... just got to the easy part, that is baking them--the decorating usually is kind of sad looking lol
    Having boys is great, I love it when they pamper you like you're their little princess (we deserve it too, don't we???)

  12. Glad you had such a lovely Mother's Day, a new book to look at, something smelly to lift the spirits and a lovely c.d. to listen to, you can't have better than that! I agree with you, there is nothing like moving house to get you to sort and sift. Have a lovely day, love Linda x

  13. Gosh Jill, only two weeks until moving day - that IS quick - good luck with your packing and sorting.

    Yum - those pretty cupcakes look perfect alongside your joyous blue china!!

    I can vouch for that CD - its beautiful!


  14. Jill, Your sons sound very well brought up young men - can you teach mine!!! Good luck with the move, we will expect heaps of photos of the new house to drool over in time.

    Nothing concentrates the mind like moving home. We last moved 17 years ago - clear out well overdue.

  15. A generally very, very yummy post! Cx

  16. Hi Jill,
    You had a lovely day, (we have mothers day in May so I'll have to wait, don't think I will get such lovely gifts though...),
    your sons are very much the loving types, great taste in gifts! And those cupcakes, yum, I'm typing here on my way to bed and a little hungry, so looking at these doesn't help.(don't think they lasted long?)
    Oh and thank you so much for thinking of me with the magazine, you are so busy and still doing this, you are so kind! Thanks again and good luck (or rather, have a whole lot of energy) to use for packing and decluttering, take care,
    Maureen xx

  17. They really are pretty, I'd still would eat them too without guilt. :P And that just sounds so sweet to have your sons helping you.

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  18. Dear Jill,

    Your cupcakes look great! Good luck with the packing! Take care.

    Lieve groet & happy new week,

    Madelief x


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