Sunday, 10 April 2011

A good tidy up!!!

It has certainly been a busy week, but with this lovely weather who wants to be inside packing so I am afraid not a lot has been done, but doesn’t the sun make everything feel so much better.
Had this lovely postcard in the post and made me think of a party that we are planning this August so with this in mind I thought I would buy some of these to hang in the garden
I have great plans for a party in my new garden to celebrate a very special anniversary that we are celebrating this year!

It has been a real busy week, Wednesday saw us hiring a van now I know you are not going to believe this but we still had a crate of furniture left in store from when we moved from France, it wasn’t full of French furniture unfortunately – but would you believe it most of it was full of my son’s University furniture and books and LPs as well as a rather smart sofa from our French house so as you can imagine this was soon snapped up by one of our sons and the rest either went to our tip or back to its rightful owner! But amongst everything I found this, it was a lovely quilt which was made by my friend Marion for the birth of my third son Alex for his pram, I think the pattern is called the friendship star, so I was so pleased to find it again, and I will find a home for it in our new home

I have also been busy washing quilts blankets and lot of baskets that I seem to have all over the house, and with this weather all has been able to dry in the garden
It was lovely to walk around the garden and see so many plants growing, it was also a little sad as I won’t see most of them flower, the apple blossom is trying so hard to come out and maybe I will see it before we move.

I have also been busy with the paint brush!
But today was a day off and we packed a picnic and headed to the coast,
it was so warm hard to believe that by Wednesday it is going to be cold and wet again! Maybe I will get some packing done I am reluctant to pack everything away as although I am looking forward to our move I will miss the house and it seems so final when the walls are bare all the books packed and it turns into just a house and not a home.
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and I promise I will try and get to visit you all, sorry I have been a little lapse lately!


  1. The quilt is just beautiful, Jill. I'm so glad you are able to enjoy iy again. Your post reminds me of how nice it is to hang my blankets and sheets out to dry in the breeze. We had some very warm weather this weekend, but it won't last. At least a few more cool weeks.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend. A picnic sounds like a lot of fun! :-)


  2. Lovely baby quilt! Good luck with the packing up - it's exciting, but sad, isn't it, moving?

  3. Great quilts!! See you had lovely weatehr , too! Have a great week!

  4. Morning Jill, well not long until the big day and it has been lovely to have such lovely weather.I hope it is a lovely sunny day on the one you actually move on. It is lovely to find things that you had forgotten you had, the quilt is going to be a family heirloom!

    I bought some of those lanterns and some bunting for my 60th birthday garden party last year and some bunting. Weather permitting I might put them up again for the Royal wedding and when my grandson is born about the same time.It cheers the house and garden up. Sadly we don't have any trees in our garden but the conservatory is an ideal spot then I don't have to worry if it rains. We were also at the seaside yesterday and I will be posting on the visit during the week.

    Hope everything goes well with the move, Jackie in Surrey x

  5. Those quilts look gorgeous, as does the newly painted bench. Moving house can be exciting and sad in equal parts. Just think though your new life is about to begin.

  6. Gosh what a hiden gem that quilt was, looking forward to seeing it in your new home,
    Love Helen x

  7. Hasn't it been just lovely Jill! Too nice to sit at the computer - but I can never resist popping over here for my North Devon fix!!

    Love Farrow & Ball colours. I've used lots here in the cottage. Your bench is lovely as are the glimpses of your garden....

    Have a great week.


  8. The quilt is so beautiful Jill! I'm getting really excited, I cant wait to have tea and cake in your new house. ;)

    Lou xxx

  9. Hi Jill,

    It will be so strange for you leaving your old house will al it's memories and going to a new place. I hope you will be settled soon!

    The quilt looks beautiful.

    Enjoy your evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. I love planning and hosting parties - everything from the food to the decor. We are going to have another party for the Royal Wedding - and those bright lanterns are just the thing for hanging under the wisteria - we have old rusty blue lamps hanging there at the moment but they are beyond gone now.

    Hope we have good weather for the 29th!

    Anyway good luck with the final packing...

  11. Glad you were able to enjoy that "run" of lovely weather. Good luck with the move. Lizzie

  12. Your quilt is wonderful!!!
    It is tough to move...I moved this last fall, hard to leave all the good memories behind!!! Enjoy your weekend
    Chris :o(

  13. Its a very busy time for you, you do very well to post anything! I love the quilt, thankyou for sharing it with us.Good luck with the move, love Linda x


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