Friday, 22 April 2011

Goodbye Church Lodge!!

Well moving day arrived, and it couldn't have been better, beautiful blue sky and while we were waiting for the removal lorry, we had our breakfast in the garden. Hard to believe as it was only hours before this that everywhere I turned I saw something I had forgotten to pack!
I seem to have been working non stop in the last few days, but today there really isn't much I can do, and  I am getting in the way, so I took myself off and read a book in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine. Last check in the house after the removal men had gone to find curtain poles behind the door, half the hoover left and there sitting on the floor the telephone!! so everything thrown in the car and off to Bournemouth to stay with my sister for 2 weeks, as we are not moving into our new home until beginning of May.
Days on the beach!! and a restful 2 weeks until the unpacking begins. 

Can't believe this weather, is  it really April apparently we are hotter than the Greek islands, hard to believe, and I wonder how long it will last. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter with lots of chocolate and sunshine!


  1. Dear Jill, I am happy to read the first part of the moving went well! Enjoy the sun and the Easter weekend,
    love Maaike

  2. Happy Easter Jill and good luck with the move. I was once relocated from the north to Berkshire by my company and they paid for the full packing service. I sat there in a perfectly intact house on the morning of the move... I could hardly believe that it would all be moved by the end of the day... it was the perfect way to move... no effort required!! Since moving to the States I have moved twice... both times pregnant, so once again I sat back while the hubby took the load! Lx

  3. Enjoy your time before unpacking begins in May! Have a wonderful
    Easter weekend....and may the sun shine bright and stay warm!
    The beach looks so tempting!!!
    Chris :o)

  4. Rest up and enjoy your vacation. It looks like the perfect place to be! I envy you!!

    We are still very cold here in Chicago, it just doesn't seem to want to go above 50 degrees. And it has been raining like crazy! There...I envy you more!!

    Sending many Easter blessings!


  5. Your cottage is so gorgeous. However if you had plucked up the courage to leave your new home must be something special.

    Enjoy Easter and the added extra of all the wonderful sunshine. I can hardly believe we are in Lancashire. We sat in the garden yesterday and soaked up the rays - bliss.

    Sue x

  6. Glad you had a good moving day.
    What gorgeous weather !
    Have a lovely Easter.

    Sandie xx

  7. Dear Jill,

    I am glad everything got in the lorry in the end. It must have been a very stressful period for you.

    Enjoy your two weeks holiday!

    A Happy Easter to you and your family!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  8. Good to hear moving day went off with no problems Jill. You must feel sad to leave such a beautiful house but excited for the future as well. Enjoy your holiday!

    Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.


  9. Well done Jill, I am sure you are relieved to have the move completed. Enjoy a well-earned rest, and good luck with the move at the other end. Lots of love to you, Linda x

  10. Make sure you get lot's of rest, good luck with the move! I can't wait to hear all about it.

    I hope you had a lovely Easter!

    Lou xxx

  11. Hello Jill
    Thank you for your lovely comment :-)
    Wow! So much has changed in my absence - you're on the move! Good golly! Can't wait to hear more about your new home. Have a lovely restful couple of weeks,
    D x

  12. Bon week end JIll,

    A kiss of France


  13. Hope your mive is going well. Where are you going? I will be interested in your progress as I am packing up, too. xo Jenny

  14. Just read your blog, its great !! I also live in north devon so can recommend it ! Good luck with your move, if you need a coffee let me know, we're a friendly lot in devon !!

    Best wishes,



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