Saturday, 4 December 2010

Candles Candles everywhere!

I certainly have a thing about candles as all of my family and friends will tell you. I have no excuse for lighting a candle every evening and sometimes in the morning for breakfast.
 This time of year it can be so dark in the morning that candlelight at your breakfast table just adds a bit of warmth to the darkness.

I have so many candles one of my favourites is a pair that I bought in the Greek Island of Crete they are tall a little modern but sit perfectly well on my mantelpiece,
 I also love these two candles that I bought in France in the shape of a gourdes I am afraid I haven’t lit them because I love the shape so much.
Another find was this unusual lantern from Amsterdam I have had this years but still love it.
Now when it comes to the Advent Candle (which I always buy)
I have a real problem already it has burnt down to the 9th I just keep forgetting it, my son’s have never forgotten when I went straight to no 24 on the lst of December, so I am doing quite well already.
I also have this very pretty night light by my bed
Here are a few photos of my favourite candles (or at least some that I would like to buy)

The small little candles I think I bought at Caroline Zoob and the large ones from a shop in Exeter called The Orange Tree.

This fireplace looks so lovely and elegant!

Just adding this picture (I know there are no candles on it) but it is a brilliant idea and one that I am definitely going to do this christmas with the Chandelier I have in the dining room. (I will let you know what mine looks like near Christmas)
It seems a while since I wrote my blog but the time seems to be going so quickly and I seem to be so busy – although what at I don’t know. I had a lovely morning at the Vintage Fair at Pamphill and it was lovely meeting fellow bloggers especially Cecile from Elegance Maison – who I am sorry I couldn’t stay longer to talk (and she was very busy which is good). We have also had birthdays in the family and we have visited our new addition Ottis at my son’s Olivers home he is so good and cute and Oliver is finding him such good company. And here he is

I would just like to thank all the people that have visited my blog I really love hearing from you and now I am going to catch up and read all your posts.


  1. Dear Jill,
    There is nothing like candlelight, is there ? I have quite a few myself. We always have friend's over on Christmas Eve and I light every candle in the takes me ages to light them all !!!!
    I love the things that Caroline Zoob sells. I first saw her at the Country Living Fair.
    .....and Ottis looks so lovely. ....and a good companion for your son.
    Enjoy all of your Christmas preparations Jill and keep warm. XXXX

  2. Dear Gill,
    I love your candle holders - especially the tall ones from Exeter! You seem to have visited many places and found lovely mementoes to bring home!
    I look forward to seeing the chandelier and finding out how your son gets on with Ottis.

  3. Oooh, your home looks beautiful - espoecially candlelit! You've got some lovely candles. I agree with you about using them - it really makes an atmosphere - although I am always fearful of fires! Love your seasonal header - gorgeous!

  4. Hi Jill
    I was sorry to have missed you at Pamphill, I wish that you had said hello!
    It was a great day!
    CZ used to buy from me when I had a unit in the Cotswolds.
    A lovely post, I notice that you use old mirrors on your tables, great minds obviously think alike! :-)
    T xxx

  5. Dear Jill,

    I enjoy candlelight very much too. You have some lovely candle holders. Your story about the Advent candle made me laugh. Something like that could easily have happened to me as well.

    Such a good idea to hang some Christmas balls on the Chandelier. I might try it out myself. We have a beautiful chandelier in the bedroom, that would be nice to decorate!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Sigh. A woman after my one heart! I love them too! xox

  7. I absolutely adore those gourd candles...I have to track some down!

  8. Lit candles bring on a lovely mood to a room. I love all of your candles - especially the tall ones, and the gorgeous images. Ottis is one very cute addition.
    Rebecca x

  9. I didn't realise that hanging crystals and so on from a chandelier was something new! I first did it over five years ago, matching the crystals and decorations to the colour scheme of the room. Once Christmas was over, I took down the obviously Christmassy ones, but left up the ordinary hanging crystals... red in the dining room and amethysts in the sitting room. I just add a few Christmassy ones at this time of year. And strangely enough, although I don't usually light candles in the morning, it was so gloomy with thick freezing fog hiding the garden this morning, that as we sat in the conservatory for breakfast, a candle seemed the right way to go for a bit of subtle light and some cheeriness - along with the fairy lights around the door.

  10. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for visiting me today. You have a gorgeous blog so you've got yourself another follower. :)
    Stay warm,

  11. Hello Jill, your home is so beautiful! I’ve got a real love of candles too. I’ve got some alight now! :0)

    Lou xxx

  12. I am so with you on the passion for candles. I share it. Even a humble tealight, popped in a jamjar has me feeling wistful. I adore the simple way you have used ivy in the top photo. Beautiful winter styling.

  13. Thanks for visiting! I love the sound of your pretty ragged wreaths - may just have to try one out myself!
    Have a lovely week :-)
    Are you going to Shepton flea on Sunday? If so, may see you there!
    D x

  14. Hi there Jill, your place looks so lovely with all your pretty candles everywhere. I love your greek candlesticks too, and the lovely gourd shaped candles - i wouldnt want to light them either!! Hope you had a very lovely weekend,
    hugs from Laura xx

  15. I love your elegant fireplace display Jill. The gourdes candles are beautiful, I love flickering candlelight at any time of the day too. The scented ones from The White Company are divine - but I'm sure you have some already!!

    Ottis looks adorable, he will make such a wonderful companion for your son.


  16. I do also adore candles, have lots of them spread around my house!! kisses!

  17. Love all the candles, they look gorgeous.

    Leeann x


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