Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Old Friends

Well the title is not quite a give-away but on Sunday I was reunited with long lost and sometimes very old friends, they are all contained in the boxes that came out of the loft.  I am always so surprised at how neatly and carefully I have packed everything away, and it is such joy unpacking everything, a lot with so many memories,
But my favorite is my Angel,
I bought her from the Victoria and Albert Museum about 16 years ago - such a lovely day when one of my son's went to the School Carol Concert at the Albert Hall. Lots of lovely memories.
But today was the trip to the Christmas Tree Farm,
 and I am sure you can imagine the dilema, so many trees,
you find the one you want and they come and chop it down for you - can't get fresher than that, and such a beautiful morning.

So the afternoon with carols playing I decorated the tree, saying hello to all my old friends. 
This beautiful heart that we bought on a romantic holiday to Venice one December its Murano glass and so beautiful!

I love candles on the tree - the OH has a hot sweat when I say I am going to light them!

Just a short post today, as still loads to do and would you believe it - I have not bought one present yet! so its an early start for the 50 mile journey to Exeter - but good excuse to visit my sons and attend a Flute Concert at the Cathedral.
I hope you are all enjoying the exciting time of preparing for Christmas and thank you so much for all your lovely comments.


  1. Quel beau sapin Jill !
    Et si magnifiquement décoré ...
    Je te souhaite une douce et jolie journée.

  2. Your tree looks lovely. Such pretty decorations - and really good that they've all got nice memories. Lovely angel! I've hardly bought any presents either - but we do a Secret Santa with the adults, so only one to buy there. Lots of grandchildren's ones though!

  3. Glad I am not the only one who hasn't bought presents yet! At least you have your tree....I think we will be getting ours at the weekend.
    Enjoy your preparations...we all get there in the end don't we?
    Julie x

  4. The tree looks beautiful, and like you, I love revealing all the Christmas treasures, packed away so carefully. Some, in my case, are over fifty years old, so have to be handled with care and love. But so worth the time and effort.

  5. I was just reading about the snow in the UK at the moment and I was wondering if you were experiencing any? I imagine your beautiful cottage to come into it's own during snowy winter nights! Lx

  6. Hi Jill,

    Getting out the Christmas decorations is one of my favourite moments of the year!! Lots of mine are made by my children so make me feel all teary as I remember when they first made them!

    I wish we lived near a Christmas tree farm. They sound lovely!



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