Sunday, 21 November 2010

So much to do!!!

Well its that time of year when you start making lots of lists but just don’t know what job to start first. I have been very busy this last week, sewing cooking and visiting 2 lovely places the first was Donna Flower lovely house where she had one of her opening days
 – I did have my camera but I always feel a little conscious of taking photos at these events, so not many photos but did buy some lovely fabrics which I will show you later.

her lovely kitchen where coffee and tea was served.

I then went to a  Christmas Fair at The Cowslip Workshop, so many very talented people with lots of goodies to buy and inspire you at Christmas – sorry once again no photos.

But I have also been busy sewing and making things for Christmas as well - I have this idea of finding a branch painting it a very subtle white (perhaps primer paint will be fine) and hanging tiny lights and little stars that I have made with vintage fabrics.
You can just see my clove covered orange as well as the stars I made.

I have also made bunting made with hearts and the fabric that I bought at Donna's - although it wasn’t Christmas fabric I think the bright red rosy fabric looks pretty.

Then there is a job I always  love doing in the evening a very sticky and time consuming job but the end result fills your house with Christmas smells – the job well it is sticking cloves in an orange until it is almost completely covered, I find it easy if you use an old darning needle to start the hole before putting in your cloves. I left a small line for a pretty ribbon. They then dry and leave a lovely warming smell and can be kept for quite a while.

Then I made mincemeat (for anyone that doesn’t know what this is – it is a combination of dried fruits, sugar, apples, suet and lots of brandy) I think it tastes so much better than shop bought and of course I made my first mince pies, some didn’t make it to the freezer can’t think who ate them but he has the initials of OH.

Well I have more orders this weekend so its back to the sewing machine but also more list writing I love writing lists but it is always so satisfying if you actually achieve ticking off all the tasks (never happens in this house as I have  too bigger aspirations then I can actually achieve).

I also have something very exciting to tell you all but this is just going to have to wait for another post!!!

No I can’t wait we have a new addition to our family - well my son’s Oliver, he has been waiting for a long time now to get a Guide Dog (Oliver is blind) and last week a lovely black labradour called Ottis arrived and he is now giving my son so much happiness and company as well as making him feel so much safer when he ventures out. I will let you have a peep at him in future posts.


  1. Hi Jill!
    (I just finished typing a long comment, and the internet connection went a shorter version it is:)
    I love this post! The kitchen picture, the white stars, love it! And congratulations on the new member of the family, look forward reading more, have a lovely week!
    Maureen x

  2. I couldn't get to Donna's this time but WILL be at the next one, we can share a cup of tea & a chat.
    Well done to Oliver & Ottis
    T X

  3. Stunning projects! I will soon also start my own projects! You surely had a great time! Love this post!

  4. Oh what a lovely Christmas present for Oliver, really looking forward to seeing the latest addition to the lovely Rosie's cottage.
    I don't have any need for lists at this time of year any more, it's just we two, no exchanging of gifts, no visitors, no family spending time with us any more, just peace and quiet to do what we want with... going for walks, doing a jigsaw, quietly reading a new book (we do buy a new book for ourselves), watching silly DVDs since the television is usually repeats or rubbish, snoozing by the fire.... I know that may sound awful to a lot of you reading this, and to others self-indulgent. Luckily, criticism is like water off a ducks back with me these days, and anyway, each to his own as they say!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog Jill, take care.

  5. I feel the same re getting the camera t some times!! Love love love the idea of your twiggy vintage tree! xox

  6. You have been busy....just had my first mince pie this morning with a cup of coffee.....Waitrose mini mince pie I'm afraid, not homemade like yours!
    Congratulations to Oliver and his special dog Ottis...that is wonderful news.
    Julie x

  7. Great news for your son - very pleased for you all. Your bunting is lovely!! And I love your little white stars too - really pretty. Your house is going to look great!

  8. Hi Jill,

    I enjoyed your comment on my blog very much. Don't know the label 'Masai', but I will check it out. I know Toast, they have lovely clothes!

    I enjoyed the photo's of your house. You have a lovely patio. The inside of your house already looks so festive with the bunting and the candles! It has a very good atmosphere! Your mince pies an mince meat look delicious. I will be making some cranberry chutney on wednesday. I never made it before, so hopefully everything will go fine :-).

    Happy evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Such exciting news for your son;) he must be thrilled.

    And I thought mincemeat had meat in them! Now I might be brave and buy one.

    Lovely garlands and stars! Have a great week!

  10. Hello Jill, I can’t wait to see the new family member!
    How strange, I sorted out some branches today ready to paint white, when you’ve done yours you can come and do mine if you like.

    The bunting looks fab!

    Lou xxx

  11. Great news about your son's dog !! Wow what a difference this must make to his life and to your own peace of mind too.
    It's so lovely to read about your creativity and to see all your beautiful festive decorations coming together there ! :-)
    Have a lovely week,
    Denise x

  12. Ooh such a lovely post full of lovely things, especially the arrival of your lovely doggie Ottis for your son. Hope they have much fun together and lots of safe guidance, Lucey xx

  13. Me again, the rag hearts are so easy and fun to make. I made some small round ones at the weekend, with some white fabric. They look like snowflakes! :0) if you have ago use some strong wire. I will look forward to see yours.

    I hope you have a lovely day xxx

  14. Hello Jill

    Thank you for you kind comments.
    Finally I get *to meet you* your blog is beautiful. You have been very busy with your Christmas preparations...everything looks wonderful, and so inviting.
    I hope you can play along with TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINTER WINDOW and share your view ;-D,
    I'm glad you like the stars, these were purchased from that wonderful Swedish store IKEA!!!!
    Have a great week ahead

  15. So nice that you visited me. Now I found you.
    Love your blog, see so many nice pictures here.
    Like to follow you.
    Fine day

  16. J'aime tes images, l'esprit de Noël, si chaleureux qui s'en dégage.
    Merci pour ces petits bonheurs.
    Bisous Jill.

  17. The kitchen in your first photo looks to me just as a farmhouse kitchen should look. Spacious, warm and cosy all at once!!


  18. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I love the heart bunting and Ottis sounds fab! My uncle is a wheelchair user and has a black lab assistance dog from Canine Partners called Jet. It's so clever how dogs can be trained to be so useful to people, as well as still being dogs and providing lots of love and cuddles isn't it x

  19. Oh Jill, what a wonderful post! So many of my favourite things - and the Christmas bunting is just gorgeous, and that's before I get onto the mincemeat jars! Thanks so much for following my blog, and likewise, I will now become an avid follower of yours! x ps. Ottis sounds amazing

  20. Oh Jill what a lovely post! I really enjoyed reading it, and my heart melted at the end to hear about Ottis ~ Im sure he will be a fine companion for your son.
    Your idea for painting a branch that gorgeous subtle white and stringing it with pretty white lights and stars sounds beautiful, I can almost picture it!! I hope you will share pics if you make it - your bunting is lovely too!

    Sending love

    (ps - giveaway happening on my blog ~ hope you get a chance to pop over!)

  21. OOh Jill, had to pop back in, we just posted on each others blogs at pretty much the same time!!!! Just as Id finished posting my comment here, I saw that you had just posted one on mine!! Spooky or great minds...?! :D

  22. It is always such a treat to visit your blog.. a visual feast of beautiful things.
    That is lovely news indeed about your son's guide dog.. no wonder you couldn't contain yourself.


  23. Hi Jill
    Thanks for popping by. As you say, great shops in Lyme - I love browsing the high street there and the Susie Cole shop is just wonderful, isn't it?
    Have a lovely weekend,
    D x

  24. oh and I'm here again!
    Jill, I've just seen your comment on one of the other blogs that you were planning to go to Pamphill yesterday !!!!! We were there too! Oh I wish I'd known you'd be there and I'd have looked out for you :-)
    Wasn't it great? So many shoppers and such a lot of happy friendly stallholders too,
    have a happy week,
    Denise x

  25. Hi Jill... Just catching up on my favourite blogs... Hope all is well at home and your son's dog is settling into his new home well.. I also hope you are enjoying the snow back home... so wish I could be there to experience it. There's nothing quite like England when covered in snow! I love, love, love your hearts too? Is the fabric Greengate? Anyhoo, wishing you a great weekend. Lx

  26. Dear Jill,
    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Just had a look at your blog. I really like the walk you did in Hartland and that cottage from Sense and Sensibility - wonderful and the church roof. I must make a note of it. It looks like a good day out. I will add you to my side bar!
    June - catsdogsandeiderdowns.

  27. Oh!!! la jolie guirlande de petits cœurs!!!

    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿..


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