Sunday, 31 October 2010


Weekends are still special whether you work from home (like I do) or work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, its the time to be with family, relax and just do what you feel like! Sometimes I have lots of energy and others I just want to do absolutely nothing at all!!

This weekend we had a visitor my son Oliver! Now I always love having any one of my sons at home – I feel a real mum again, silly I know! But I just love cooking him his favourite meals, going for walks and visiting our local pub. We often go to The Smithy at Welcome Bay its just a lovely traditional pub with local ales and brilliant chips!! The owners had really gone to town and decorated it out in Halloween style!

We then went for a lovely walk and the sea looked so inviting (well from a distance it did).

I then had a cooking urge and made my favourite little cakes to have with tea – madelaines I do love making them but always have a problem getting the out of the tin.

Today has been a day of a little sewing and making the traditional Sunday Lunch and now curling up on the settee in front of the fire and doing a little crocheting!

Well the evenings are now going to draw in - and it is dark already at 5.30 pm - but fires will be lit there will be lovely comforting smells from the kitchen of winter stews, fruit cakes, and cinnamon buns, I will be  starting to prepare for the Christmas Holidays the making of mincemeat, christmas cake, puddings and mince pies all things to look forward to!
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and thank you everyone for your lovely comments I am really enjoying this blogging!!!!


  1. Hello Jill, pleased to hear you have had such a good weekend. Love the pumpkin, very artistic. Did you watch Countryfile tonight on BBC 1, when the chap broke the world record on pumpkin carving? The seaview and the madelaines look lovely.

    Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey

  2. Jill,

    You are a lovely writer. Your weekend sounds like something out of a great British novel, like Dickens. It's as charming as Beatrix Potter.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  3. Une magnifique citrouille pour célébrer Halloween ........
    Belle soirée Jill

  4. What a wonderful weekend you had Jill!! The carved pumpkin was amazing. Your blog is lovely. Susan :)

  5. Hi Jill, you live in a breathtaking area! Love the pics!!! And madeleines are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee! I do also love weekends! Wish only they could last longer:-))) Hope you had a thrilling time with your son!

  6. Dear Jill,
    Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. ....and that looks a wonderful pub....we often have Sunday lunch at the pub, as we did yesterday!!!! You live in such a beautiful part of our country and such stunning countryside for a walk after a drink in the pub.
    I wish you as lovely a week as your weekend was. XXXX.

  7. Your weekend sounds perfect. I would love to pamper sons, go for grown up walks with them, but it's not to be sadly. So it's just we two old fogies all the time now, and since redundancy it really is ALL the time now. Thank the stars we get on so well..... but we do have our time apart, doing our own thing, but it is comforting having someone around, just in case, seeing as I am terribly accident prone these days!

  8. Hi Jill!
    This was a good weekend, your son visiting and baking and time to be creative, I'm glad you blog so I can have a peek into your lovely life, thanks for sharing it! All the best,
    Maureen x

  9. Hello Jill, it sounds like a lovely weekend to me! I can see me being like that with my’s starting to feel strange with Ben being 18, I’ve told him he’s still got to come with us to get the holly for Christmas. Family tradition! :0)

    Have a lovely week, love Lou xxx

  10. I'd love to spend a weekend at Chez Jill as it sounds absolutely divine! I've never made madelaines but would love to try.
    Thank you for visiting, and yes Bath is looking beautiful and No 1 The Crescent is a must see :-)
    have a super duper week,
    Denise x

  11. ooohhh, you have such a lovely home, just spent a lovely few mins, flicking through your blog!
    I'm about to hit the follow button, as I feel this def one blog I want to come back to!x

  12. Hi Jill
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, your so lucky to able to walk along the beautiful coastline and your home is realy lovely.

  13. Just had to say what an amazing pumpkin, I adore Carousels and that was just beautiful!

  14. Hi Jill,

    You live in such a beautiful part of England; those hills, the sea...Your weekend sounds good. The Madeleines look delicious!

    Lieve groet & happy evening,


  15. The perfect weekend Jill! The Old Smithy looks like my kind of place - I love going for a Sunday pub lunch and following it with a bracing walk. The countryside around you looks wonderful.


  16. Coucou Jill,
    Un petit tag pour toi sur mon blog ... sans obligation bien sûr ...
    Bisous de douce soirée.

  17. hi that looks fantastic....i can't wait for the day to take the afternoon with my one of my sons and walk the beach or go to the pub! your tea treats look delicious!!

  18. What an amazing pumpkin! Your weekend is exactly how I will spend mine when we finally manage to move to the sea.
    T X

  19. Hi Jill, Just found you through Daydream Living. What a beautiful part of England you live in. I miss good pubs - that Jack o Lantern is truly amazing. Aaah the weekend - we had a truly lazy Saturday as all sports were rained it. It was bliss. How lovely to have a son home and spoil him - that will be me. I don't want my chicks to leave the nest ever!
    Have a fab week.

  20. Hi, really enjoyed this post, the pub looks so lovely, so my kind of place, and the pumpkin is true art!. BACK SOON,lINDA

  21. I just found your blog love it! I am in love with your cushions I hope to get some for christmas as they are on my wish list xox

  22. ...and I csompletely love your blog too. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    I love your cushion designs. Your sewing is incredibly straight. I know it sounds like a funny kind of remark but I'm really trying to learn to sew with my machine absolutely straight and I'm finding it surprisingly hard. I always seem to go off a millimetre one way or another. Any tips would be HUGELY appreciated!!

    I'll be avidly following your blog too....


  23. I'm so sorry...just as I clicked 'post comment' I spotted typos galore but it was too late by then to correct them! I can normally type properly...honest. I shall put it down to the excitement of finding your blog!!



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