Monday, 11 October 2010

A House with Two Doors

It is such a lovely morning here today just like a summers day - but here I am battling with my blog again, why did they alter the photo download ! so frustrating.  I thought I would tell you a little about my home. The other day a man was delivering our yellow pages book to our house – well you know how big this book is and I have so many books that I told him I would rather not have it - but I am digressing, he then asked me if the people next door would mind if he left it on their doorstep. Now this is a mistake that is often made as our house has 2 front doors .

 The reason for this is that our house is right next to the church and my sitting room used to be used for Sunday school, and so as not to disturb the family in the house the room had its own door.

 The house also has lots of coat hooks where the choir and rector used to hang their gowns.

 The history of your house is sometimes hard to find but we have a photo of ours in its original form before it was extended in the Victorian times, isn’t it sweet!
 But it would have been a little small for us, the lady that used to live there then was a Launderess so I presume that she took in all the villages washing! And the hedge in the photo is still here to this day.
These steps were used for the vicar to mount his horse.
 I would love to find out more but it is a very time consuming process and there is so many things that I try and cram into a day I think I will just have to leave it until I have more time.

There are still some flowers left to pick from the garden – does anyone know what these are because unfortunately I don’t so if anyone can enlighten me I would be pleased.

Over on one of my favourite blog My French Country home last week Sharon gave us a lovely recipe for Tarte Tatin and I commented on her blog that i was going to make it and if I did I would feature it on my blog – so here it is and it was so delicious and it was easy to do and used some of the many apples that I have in my garden.

Well back to the sewing -

I love trying lots of different designs for my cushion covers this is a lovely decorative cushion cover, using some old linens and tickings that I had as well as some lovely cabbages and roses fabric.

It is also the time of year when lots of my favourite clothing catalogues start to come through the letterbox and one of my favourite is Brora

This is a lovely photo from the Brora Catalogue I love the room!
I love this dress

And I am definitely going to be getting some of these boots I loved them the last time they were in fashion
 – whoops showing my age!


  1. So glad you popped over to my blog, now I have found your lovely blog...Love those doorways!

  2. Love those boots too... and your house, it is just beautiful, though I am sure you appreciate it and don't need telling!
    We have warm sunshine here in Norfolk as well, perfect for painting the larger of the two garden sheds in a sunny blue shade, for hanging out sheets and letting them get lots of fresh air and sunshine, not for sitting on a computer. But I have picked some flowers too... marigolds, yellow buddleia, small sunflowers, penstemon and some greenery, well, more going ruby reddery.

  3. Hi Jill,

    You live in a very pretty house! It's the kind of house I always dream of. Set away in the countryside along a quiet road. I enjoyed your story about the two porches and the parson mounting his horse from the steps in your garden. So much history!

    Your two pillows are lovely!

    Have a good new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. Hello, sorry I’m so late visiting you! I’m in love with your house, it’s very me. There is so much I have seen on your blog-I’m going to have too pop back later for a good look.

    Lou x

  5. Hello Jill
    I love this post!
    Your house is gorgeous, so pretty and welcoming. I love how you've painted the doors and the little table arrangement by the lounge door.
    The flower could be a Sparaxis - I have some growing here which have two colours in them, but the flower shape is definitely the same - maybe worth looking up!
    Very desirable cushions, worthy of a good snuggle on the sofa and maybe a snooze or two...
    We have a Brora shop in Bath, though I've not ventured in as I thought the prices might be on the scary side - but the clothes look lovely in the window!
    Thank you for admiring my little table, now known as Miss Fern. And yes, as you say, mixing styles is really quite fun and rather quirky, isn't it?
    Have a good week, lets hope the sun stays,

  6. Me again, I’ve had so much fun reading and looking at all your beautiful pictures. We must have the same taste, as I love it all! :-)
    I love the cushions you make!

    I will try and behave myself in Italy!

    Lou x

    PS. love the boots too.

  7. Oh my, your blog is gorgeous.

    I will most definitely have to add you to my favorites.


  8. Jill,

    And, thank you for your comments on my blog.

    I love your idea about one of the ghost chairs with a mirrored dressing table. It would be very chic.


  9. J'adore l'esprit de cette maison !
    Elle dégage un charme infini ...
    Bisous de douce journée.

  10. Hi Jill

    Thank you for making the apple tart - it looks very good indeed. I added your picture to the post on my blog.

    LOVE the mounting block in your garden, there are days when I could do with one of those - I just use an old log, which is a lot less stable!

    My French Country Home

  11. Hi Jill! the link now works.....thank so much for alerting me!

    Wish you a happy rest of the week ♥

  12. Bonjour Jill,
    SO glad you stopped by via Zaira's blog. You have such a beautiful blog, love hearing about the history of your home. I am a new follower and will be back again soon.
    Best of luck with Zaira's giveaway, I would love for you to have a copy of Belle Inspiration:
    Have a wonderful week,

  13. Hello Jill
    Your home looks so lovely and I love your photo's, I have never made Tarte Tatin but I am going to have a go.
    Have a good week.

  14. Wow - what a beautiful house you live in! This to me, still being quite "foreign", is the ultimate English cottage, with so much character and oozing with history! To have those steps still intact - how precious. And who knows, it might serve well for visitors on horse...? ;-D

    Your cushions are stunning, and being a big fan of linen, I think they are so attractive!

    A lovely blog entry from you, with lovely images and interesting facts about your house!

    Warm regards, Helena, The Swenglish Home

  15. I just found your blog. YOur house is so romantic!!! love it, and your blog too!!!KISSES

  16. Dear Jill, (my sister's name is Jill with a J !! just thought you might like to know that !!)
    What a lovely post. I love finding out the history of a house. Our last house was built in the 1600's.It always amazed me that it was built BEFORE the Great Fire of London !
    We now live in a late Victorian house and I know a little of the history but not much and we have lived here for 26 years !!
    I adore your house. It's so pretty and it's the little things, like the stone steps for the vicar to mount his horse, that make a house so special.
    You have so many talents.....sewing, cookery, I reckon you could turn your habd to anything Jill.
    Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

  17. Jill... I'm just going to echoe what everyone else has said... you're house truly is beautiful... and the fact that those hedges are still in tact after all these years... that is the beauty of England... A wonderful blog you have here! Lx

  18. The two doors, the steps for the vicar...Really love the way you describe . You are a real storyteller! Happy WE

  19. Hi Jill!
    Love, love the house! I gave you a little blog award in today's post, hope you like it, I will send you an email about the cushions and have to get some sleep, it's the middle of the night (daughter couldn't sleep...), Take care! Night!
    Maureen x


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