Sunday, 22 April 2012

Winter has returned!!

If you look out of my work window now well its tipping down,
I know we need rain, but I need sun! Been a less busy week but I have been trying to book more Fairs (now booked 5) and hunting down some new vintage finds.

Yesterday we went to the Vintage Fair in Frome, I took lots of photos but for some reason they just didn't turn out well, there were amazing stalls and I bought some fabric, which included a lovely linen sheet and this gorgeous soft french piece of quilting.
I also bought this beautiful french tea service, 12 cups and saucers
they are so fragile and would look lovely used maybe for a desert filled with chocolate mouse, which brings be around to my new cookery book, I don't know whether you have been watching this lovely lady in Paris but I have adored her recipes so treated myself when out food shopping!! The book is delightful with lots of beautiful photos and illustrations.

The other morning I opened my curtains to see these 2 Roe Deer, nestling in the field, what a lovely sight to see!
 And these sweet little birds clinging on to a delicate tree

Well back to my sewing and this time I am altering curtains to fit my guest bedroom ready for my friends next week!
lets hope the weather improves I have to say I have been looking for some sun this afternoon with maybe a holiday to be booked very soon!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and I will keep you posted about any new fairs that I am doing!


  1. Here in Poland the weather is really nice :-) 24 Celsius :) Lovely photos! Have a nice week :) M.

  2. Hi Jill, our weather is appalling at the moment isnt it and I dont think it is forecast to get much better throughout the week.
    You have got some lovely things and I am envious of the views from your windows!

  3. Yes miserable weather in south lincolnshire/rutland too :( xx

  4. How lovely, to open your curtains and see 2 deer! Lovely china too xxx

  5. Hi Jill - it was so lovely to see you at Frome yesterday. I hope to reciprocate by attending one of your fairs as a visitor sometime soon so please keep me posted about your venues and dates. Cx

  6. Hello Im new to your blog, I was very pleased to see that Rachel Khoo had a book out now, I have been looking, obviously not hard enough!
    Love your blog, hopefully I will be visiting the fair in Eridge, is it?
    I live near Sevenoaks, so not to far to go.
    Great pics of the Deer.

  7. Looks like you have been busy with all your new finds. What a lovely view you must have to open your curtains and see deer, lucky you.

  8. I'll have to look for that cookbook here in Canada. The pictures look lovely and the recipes-scrumptious!!

  9. Mais le paysage est si beau dès que tu tires les rideaux ...
    Le Printemps va arriver

  10. oooh a holiday- sounds good on this wet muddy Monday morning!

  11. Hello jill! your pictures are a breath of fresh air...Soo lovely...Hoping a little sun shines on your day!!! we have the prettiest of April showers here xxx Happy mondayxx

  12. Love the little teacups and saucers - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. beautiful landscape and your photography is blissful ;0)x
    i know its pretty pants out there, i got drenched to my undies on the school run...but i walked through my park and it looked heavenly that for a moment i forgot the rain was falling!... ;0) lovely tea cups! and the 'paris kitchen' book looks fab! i love her style and little vintage kitchen! x

  14. Pouring here this morning! Not good when we have to walk Bella...whatever the weather.
    What lovely views from your window! :0)

  15. We've turned chilly ago too! Love, love, love those cups and saucers, I'd never thought of using cups like that for dessert, but you're right they'd look wonderful full of chocolate.

  16. The weather has been rain, rain, rain lately and certainly not beach hut weather. I loved your teacup purchase. I love buying odd teacups and use them until they are literally falling apart. Then buy some more!

  17. Hi, i have just popped over from facebook as i saw your blog link from Shelly on the crikey its vintage web page. So i glad you have such a sweet blog. I was at Frome on Saturday well visiting and it was a great fair it was great to meet up with so many other blogging ladies and their stalls and stock were amazing. I am also having my first fair at the crikey queenie its vintage in Exeter in June and i have also booked up for November. Have fun with everything you are doing, dee x

  18. Hi Jill,
    How lovely to draw your curtains and see those deer sitting in the field. You have found some lovely things - those cups and saucers are very pretty.
    I wonder if we'll ever stop having showery days up this way - I miss not being able to hang my washing out!
    Hope you have an enjoyable week,
    Essie x

  19. It's hard to believe that it's winter in your area. Alaska is still in the melting stage.
    I love your lovely dishes and the piece of patchwork.
    Chris :o)

  20. The fabric for the curtains looks yummy - lucky friends! I love the views from your windows (and can imagine how lovely they are when the sun is out also). I am also drooling over your new teacup finds - what fun!

  21. We in the southern US are envious of your rainy days - we need the rain, but the weather is lovely and spring like right now. What a beautiful set of tea cups!

  22. Awful weather here in Norfolk Jill, but with a view like yours, at least it still looks beautiful! I've heard about Rachel Khoo's program and The Little Paris Kitchen, but have yet to see it. It looks delightful in reviews though, and as a cookery book addict myself, I'm sure that that little beauty will find its way onto my shelves before long! Good luck with your shows - still hoping that you may travel as far as East Anglia one day! x

  23. Hi Jill, what lovely finds, especially the tea set! I've been watching Rachel Khoo as well, it seems like a great cook book! Trouble is I have so many already! Have a lovely week, I hope it warms up soon! Sharonx

  24. just had a lovely catch up with your blog which i've just discovered....pleased to meet you. am too so tempted by that book, the program is a real treat

  25. Hi Jill,

    My eyes focused on the teacups immediately :-) What a great find! The view from your window is beautiful. Especially for a city girl like me.

    It will not be long before you go to Pippa's. I hope we will both get some beautiful weather!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x


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