Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer is Slipping Away

Coming down to my workroom first thing in the morning the other day, and the sun was just coming up, and what a sight it was to, I just had to grab my camera, it is such a shame that the day starts so beautifully and then goes downhill in just a few hours.

I can already see changes in the views from the house, the fields have been harvested and the hedges are now full of pips and still the odd flower of the honeysuckle.
The nights are drawing in and our evening walks will soon cease.  We are already lighting the fire in the sitting room to take the chill off the evening, so its back to cosy evenings, reading and crocheting by the fire!  I still have some flowers left in the garden and have been out with my camera to capture the last buds. 

I am also having a battle with caterpillars to stop them eating my sprouting broccoli! But my borlotti beans are great I just love the colour

At long last after what seems quite a break I have motivated myself into sewing again, I think it is just making the start that can be the stumbling block, but now I have started I am enjoying being creative again with my sewing machine. They will be winging their way to the lovely shop The Perfect Whimsy in the Cotswolds.

Now back in the the swing of everything so its time to visit all my fellow bloggers, I am sorry if I haven't left comments for a while but I promise I will do!! Have a lovely rest of the week


  1. Dear Jill,

    You still have lots of flowers in your garden. It looks really beautiful!

    What an amazing view you have. I would love to have a view like yours, but in the centre of Rotterdam this is simply impossible :-).

    Your pillows look beautiful as always!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  2. Stunning photos, as you say it is such a great pity that the weather doesn't last.

    Gorgeous pillows, I love the deep pink and white combination.

  3. Hello Jill

    What a master you are with the needle and thread, so glad you are using this great talent. My painter friend, Mary Rose Holmes has a wonderful saying "if you start it; it gets finished"

    My best
    Helen xx

  4. Your cushions are absolutely beautiful - I love them. And your garden looks heavenly too - really lovely photos. And you have just reminded me - I am sure that I bought borlotti beans, but I am not sure what happened after that!

    Pomona x

  5. Oh please don't let summer slip away just yet...but of course it is. I love your early morning photos - what a view you have.

    And your cushions are so pretty.

    I must thank you for your sweet comments on my blog posts, and apologise for being a bit behind in mine but I've only recently got my blogging 'mojo' back and and settling in again bit by bit. Cx

  6. Dear Jill,
    Your garden still looks beautiful in it's Autumn coat. I love all of the seasons as they all have something so special. Those first two photographs are stunning.
    .....and, your cushions are beautiful.
    Here's to a beautiful Autumn. XXXX

  7. Beautiful cushions...I will certainly make a detour to the shop in Northleach next time I am in the Cotswolds....normally I whizz straight past en route to Cirencester...oops!
    Julie x

  8. I know what you mean about having to motivate yourself to get sewing, and once started, you can't stop. Happens to me too - and actually that is where I find myself at the moment...unable to summon the enthusiasm to sew. I do hope I manage to ferret out the will to get cracking - I have piles of projects waiting.

    The cushions are so lovely - they will be snapped up, I am sure. Fabulous fabrics.

  9. Ooohh Jill such wonderful pictures!!! I love love the first!!!!
    Have a nice day.

  10. Aren't we having such lovely autumn weather? Quite crisp but still mild. I LOVE this time of year - and your incredible photos show me exactly why!


  11. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous sewing makes.

  12. Beautiful garden photos!! I love the ones that focus on the foreground.
    Glad you've found the motivation to start sewing again. I'm sure will build now that you've done some.
    Teresa x

  13. Tes coussins sont magnifiques ...
    Bravo Jill
    Bisous de douce soirée

  14. Beautiful photographs - you have lovely views! And LOVE that Union Jack pillow :) Time for nesting

  15. Thank you for your comment on mine about France and Christmas. We find the same in Normandy with no street Christmas lights or shop displays until the first week of Advent at the beginning of December. I thought it bad enough here with Halloween stuff in M&S at the end of the school hols but Christmas in September is dispiriting.

  16. You do have a lot of flowers still in your garden. We have had some beautiful weather here the last few days and hope it lasts all weekend. I love your cushions and what a neat sewer you are - very straight lines of stitching!
    Ruth x

  17. I just love that white cushion with the patches on it - so unusual. Am glad I found your blog as am off to Devon in a few weeks(for the first time can you believe?!) and have loved looking at your pictures.

  18. You have just been awarded The Versatile Bloggers Award. YOU deserve it and I really enjoy your blog. You can find out more by going to my blog.xx

  19. A beautiful post Jill, just what I needed!

    I love the cushions!

    Lou xxx


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