Thursday, 1 September 2011

Holiday Weekend

Have you ever come across a Country House Boot Sale,

they are a cross between a boot sale and an antique flea market, and the one we visited last Saturday was very good with lots of goodies.
My first find was this french wire basket another lovely addition to my dresser.

I also found this lovely vintage vanity case, a little tired, but still in very good condition especially the inside.  Very in vogue will I sell I think not.

2 beautiful cups alas no saucers but still very pretty.

Picnic on Exmoor on Sunday, loved these sheep who seemed to have escaped from the field,

also visited the lovely village of Winsford on the edge of Exmoor with a
great pub, and pretty cottages,

Suddenly had the urge to make these lovely coffee cakes (at the request of Alex my son)
I think in this world there are people who cook without mess or ones that don't and I am afraid I am the later. If anyone wants the recipe just let me know.

Planted more winter vegetables in the garden, and it will be a battle between me and the slugs and caterpillars, picked runner beans now every day, the OH wonders if there
are any different kind of vegetable we could eat but what is wrong with runner beans I ask.
Well this weekend we are off to Seville for a short City break and no doubt you will hear more. So I hope all my fellow bloggers have a lovely weekend and that next week doesn't seem too quite when all the little ones go back to school!!  Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments we had about out anniversary they were all lovely. To end this post some flowers for you all.


  1. Glad you found some goodies at the Country House Boot sale. I had thought about going, but had a lot to do in preparation for the Flea market on Sunday! Lizzie x

  2. Ooooo Jill,
    You got some great things at the Country House Boot sale. We are going to an Antiques Fair in Kent tomorrow so, I hope I'm as lucky.
    You live in such a wonderful area....aren't thatched cottages pretty ?
    Have a wonderful time in Seville and tell us all about it when you return. XXXX

  3. Hi Jill,

    Love your finds at the car boot sale. Especially the cups! They are so pretty. The cakes looks delicous. Wish I could try one ;-)

    Have a lovely time in Seville!

    Madelief x

  4. Hi Jill such lovely finds, so glad for you. I'm totally in love with that french wire basket, it is amazing!!!!
    Nice weekend to you.

  5. Je crois bien que je vais traverser le Channel !
    Tes images m'en donnent trop envie ...

  6. I love your blog and the pictures are fantastics ...
    I'm french, my husband is italian and we live in Florence.
    Bye bye.

  7. Thankyou so much for your kind comment on my blog re my mum. Wish I had come across that country home boot sale; you found some nice things. Love your banner at the top of your blog and back to the previous post - you look stunning & I love what you are wearing!

  8. Sorry a bit later with leaving a comment. Your finds are lovely especially the cups. Have a great time in Seville, we are off soon to Southport, home and then off to Rouen!! Jackie in Surrey

  9. I've not come across one of these before but....I will be looking out from now on!! They look like such a lot of fun. I really like the things you nabbed. Well done you!!



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