Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Week of Celebrations are just beginning!

I am so going to bore you all - but the week of celebrations have arrived and for my special birthday tommorrow ( I have been allowed it a day early) the OH has bought me a SLR camera, had to show you the photos that I have taken with it already! They are all around the garden have not yet ventured any further but here goes what do you think?

Have you got this far, you will be glad to know there are no more well not untill tomorrow!!! When no doubt I will be practising some more! Hope you all had a lovely weekend ours was a little damp. Celebrated one of our son's birthday with barbeque - spent most of it running indoors to shelter from rain well that's an English summer for you. Look forward to your comments I really love reading them all.


  1. Happy Birthday. What a great present. Have a good week celebrating.

  2. Hi Jill,

    Congratulations on you birthday and our son's! What a beautiful present your husband gave you. The photo's you made with your new camera look perfect to me.

    Your garden looks lovely.....and those onions....they are so big!! I didn't plant any this year, but still regret it.

    Have a happy birthday tomorrow!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  3. Hello Jill! Not boring at all, the pictures are beautiful and your blog too.

    Love from Argentina


  4. Lovely pics! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a special day.

    Your garden looks beautiful, I can't believe the size of your apple! Ours are still tiny! x

  5. They're lovely photographs! What a super birthday pressie too, I'm sure you'll become addicted with playing with it. Look forward to your birthday update tomorrow too.

  6. You are going to have such fun with your camera and I expect so will your readers. Your garden pictures are a treat.

    Have a very happy birthday.


  7. Congratulations on your birthday sweet Jill!! You are going to have So Much More Fun with that camera... enjoy and make sure to take a picture of the cakes. I am having coffee and celebrating your birthday with it :-)

    Love, Maaike

  8. Happy Birthday. You have made very good use of your present with those wonderful photos. Your garden looks so lush and healthy, ours is wind tossed and soggy after heavy rains.

  9. Dear Jill, are all those delicaies from your garden? Wow I am impressed, you also grow artichokes? and don´t worry , here in Germany we are having an intensive seminar of "English rain" these days!!! KIsses

  10. Happy Birthday... and the clarity and colour of the photos is really good. You'll be entering the Countryfile competition next year then?

  11. J'adore tes images, elles sont merveilleuses ...
    Gros bisous Jill et belle soirée

  12. Happy Birthday!

    You will love experimenting with your new camera.
    Some beautiful garden photos.

  13. Happy Birthday, Looks like you got the hang of your new camera quickly, the photos of your garden are lovely x

  14. Happy Birthday! Fabulous photos. I am very jealous of your artichoke. Enjoy your day tomorrow, love Linda x

  15. Happy Birthday, and what a great present! I have a Nikon ('proper' SLR) and what I refer to as my 'baby camera' a tiny Pentax Optio RZ10 (I had a Pentax Optio L70 which met with an accident - no, I wasn't to blame - and I actually preferred the results that gave to the up-dated RZ10). When I am out 'seriously' taking photos, I take the Nikon, just out and about, I have my baby camera in my bag or pocket.


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