Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sun Sea and Sand

I think one of the best things about a beautiful sunny morning is to go into your garden and enjoy your own private space, this morning I was pleased or almost delighted to see that at long last my wisteria is out
 and not only were the flowers blooming but something caught my eye and there on the leaf was this beautiful dragonfly.

It was one of those lovely lazy days where you read the paper, drink wine and move around the garden trying to find the shade (this doesn’t sound like England does it!) but of course not only do I enjoy the garden but I love my local beaches!
One of the beaches we visit is so lovely and remote and has this lovely holiday place to hire called The Shack and here are a few photos of it as well as some of the interior!

 I would love to stay there and of course there is the surf! You can find it at

This is a lovely beach called Crackington Haven, well lets hope that summer is here now and we can all enjoy it!


  1. Oh lucky you... I lust after wisteria! I have had one growing up a cherry tree, but this weekend, after four flowerless years, we decided to cut it loose from the tree, move it in its pot to a sunny position in the midst of the veggie plot, and then next year, try it up against the end wall of the kitchen, with fingers crossed. I love it, and envy you!!
    That holiday place is just perfick.... now that's my type of holiday!

  2. Just two days ago, I was searching on the net for tips to make my wisterias bloom...
    You are so lucky!
    By the way, you have a beautiful blog!

    Debbie Moss


Thank you for your lovely words