Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Beautiful Island

Well its been a while since I was here! But you know what its like life seems to overtake you, as well as troublesome sewing machines!!! But I would like to tell you about one of my favourite places in France and that is a lovely island just off La Rochelle called Isle de Re.  We have been often and I would like to share some of our photos.

This is the town of La Flotte lovely port.

Typical street on the island

Every street has lots of lovely holyhocks although they are not quite out in this photo!

Don't you think this is a great idear for a door knocker.

We stay at this lovely hotel called Le Senechal in Ares en Re

It is a small hotel but just excellent lovely decor!

It is small but beautiful

And the bedrooms are just exactly what you expect from a lovely French hotel

It is so beautiful worth a visit

But of course the British weather hasn't been too good especially today so guess what

Thank you once again for all your comments I so love reading them.


  1. Hi Jill,
    Well, Isle de Re looks absolutely beautiful and one to put on the list of places to visit. We love France. My husband and brother-in-law go to Le Mans every year. For the last few years, Italy has been our choice for holidays but, we often go to France as well, as a friend has a house there.
    I don't think that you will be needing a fire today as it is going to be the hottest day this year !!
    Enjoy the sunshine. XXXX

  2. Hi Jill!! I've never been to Isle de Re. I absolutely want to go now. And this hotel looks really a good stay. France has many interesting destinations, but you know how much I love England as well. It's nice that the two country are just 1 hour by boat far away. I would sail the Channel very often form one country to the other and my heart would be torn between two great loves....

    Enjoy a lovely weekend, hope England is sunny and warm. Zaira xxx


Thank you for your lovely words