Monday, 11 July 2011

Flowers on a Summer's morning

Just a quick post to share with you the lovely summer morning (yesterday!!) where I wondered around the garden first thing and picked these lovely bright summery flowers.

Not so good this morning but the paint brush awaits my attention as I need to get one of my bedrooms ready for some very special visitors my parents!! Plus the sewing machine will be at the ready to make the curtains. Have a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful! It's not very nice here today, if it starts raining it could be shopping in town for me! :0))) good luck with the painting. I bet your house is looking lovely....

    Lou xxx

  2. Lovely bright summery flowers, so nice with de blue and white.
    Good luck with your things to do list.
    Have a nice time with your parents.

  3. Flowers and blue and white china so lovely.

  4. Superbe ton bouquet champêtre et exquise mise en scène !
    Bisous Jill

  5. Thank you for sharing your very pretty flowers. The have cheered me up immensely.
    Anne xx

  6. Beautiful flowers. I'm done with painting for a while... but I imagine you are enjoying putting your touch on your new house! Lx

  7. What gorgeous spring blooms! I do envy your lovely warm weather!!you have a lovely tuesday too!
    Laura xx

  8. What a lovely 'collage' those blooms and the blue & white wares make. I spot a Chinese ginger jar very similar to a pair that I have (inherited from my mother, who inherited them from her parents, so they date at least to 1897 when my grandparents married.) I see yours has a lid, too; so many lids were broken as they just 'sit' on top. I love bright orange with blue, like that, or my other favourite arrangement is alchemlilla mollis in blue, the acid green looks wonderful with blue.
    Margaret P

  9. Lovely! The little daisies of feverfew are so pretty amongst the stronger colours.

  10. Beautiful flowers which bring back memories of my childhood for me.

    Good luck with the decorating and curtain making!


  11. Lovely flowers to brighten up a dull day - here it is heavy downpours and the sky looks autumnal! Where has Summer gone!

  12. Today the sun is trying to peek out from behind the clouds so I'm hoping for some better weather!! Your posy of flowers looks LOVELY!!

    I can't wait to see what magic you work with your paint brush!! You're impressively quick to be painting so soon after you've moved in!


  13. Beautiful flowers Jill and your lovely blue containers show them to perfection, just look at that zingy orange!

    I've not been around much either due to computer gremlins - hopefully solved now.

    Enjoy your painting!



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